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Welcome to Integral Drafting and Design

Professional architectural design and drafting services from Canada to Australia. Located in Northern California where building standards are close to the most restrictive in the United States. My drafting experience here allows me to work with building officials anywhere. With all the communication technologies available today clients can be involved in every step of the design process.

Clients range from architects to homeowners. Many of my clients are contractors that realize the design part of a job is tedious and the time line is more important for success. I can provide working drawings for both built or planned construction. Fourteen years of drafting in AutoCAD provides me with the library of drawing files to stream line any project. New homebuilders and remodelers can rely on my thirty-five years of experience to catch all the details to insure flawless results.

Michael Swaney, Owner

Residential design has been my interest from the start of my drafting career. New homes are very easy to work on because the builder/homeowner has a starting point and parameter to stay within. Remodeling takes work to find what fits the space. Years of working with people have given me the ability to know when to advise and when to compromise.

For many years I worked in prefab technology until the construction trends went to (on site) stick built or prefab units. Vacation homes have been my favorite to work on. I’ve done cabins in Pocatello Idaho to a three-story home on Lake Tahoe. Working on homes in remote locations with extreme weather conditions have led to my research of materials and pre-construction planning. Twenty-five years of contracting has taught me that the most important part of a construction project is scheduling. All projects are started and completed as promised.

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